Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School Poem

Getting Dressed for School
by Kenn Nesbitt

I must have been too sleepy
getting dressed for school today.
I tried to tuck my shirt in,
but I couldn’t make it stay.

I also couldn’t tie my shoes.
I fumbled with the laces.
I snagged my scarf, and now some yarn
is dangling from my braces.

My socks are different colors,
and my pants are inside out.
My sweater from the hamper left me
smelling like a trout.

I thought I put a hat on
to control my crazy hair.
The hat turned out to be a pair
of purple underwear.

I spilled my breakfast on my clothes
and headed into school.
My friends, of course, were all impressed.
I’d never looked so cool.

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Luke S., Kyle and Jared said...

I thought they wouldn't like this look
even if they saw it in a book
my clothes itched in class
at recess i fell asleep in the grass

Kove Bianca Michael said...

At lunch we had a food fight
I got splattered with tomatoes
We could got in so much trouble
And I only ate my potatoes

Anonymous said...

I ate a pickle for lunch
I thought it was fun to eat
Then my friends saw me
Then they started to run on there feet.

by: Luc not by: taylor

Olivia, Lindsay and Ingrid said...

my gym clothes smelt really bad,
they all wrinkled their nose,
at lunch I ate pasta a la dad,
and outside my clothes got stuck on a rose