Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where in the world.....

Where are these underwater caves located? Research and explain how underwater cave divers avoid getting lost. Describe the traits you would expect an underwater cave diver to have.


Taylor said...

Where in The World

-located in mexico.

-two underwater temples that are extremly hard to get to.

-Mayans beleived it was the entrance to the underworld and was ruled by the spirits of desies and death.

-Mayans disipeared in 900 AD.

-Maze of stone temples and underwater caverns.

-many bones in the caverns and temples that are beleived to be sacrafised .

-ruins of 11 temples

-chambers linked by a 100 metre road

Hannah said...

Don't give away the answers!

:p said...

I can't get sound to this video, I think somethings wrong with my speakers.

Unknown said...

The WITW is located in Sahcaba, Mexico

Mayan tribe beleived it was the entrance to the underworld.

The WITW are two elaborate tunnels that are very hard to get too states a Mexican archeologist named Guillermo de Anda.

Mayans believed this place was the place of fear and believed it was ruled by the spirits of disease and death.

On the roads there were sights of human bones and skeletons possibly from sacrificed humans from long ago.

In the cave there is the ruins of 11 different temples some more harder to get to than others.

Archeologists also discovered a maze of stone temples and underwater caverns.

Since I am going to Mexico in a matter of weeks I would really like to see this cave if it is available to observe. I will travel through the caves and create a journal on my findings.
(Just kidding about going into the cave, that would be scary)

Daniel said...

sorry my mom forgot to sign out her gmail account before i went on my laptop so the Maria Rosa comment is really mine

Anonymous said...

You guys should read the stuff on top of the video because it doesn't say anything about caves it says stuff about the divers

aDA said...

It is located in Sahcaba, Mexico. Tbe Mayans, an acient civilization long extinct, believed it to be a portal to the Underworld or Shibalba, and it was ruled by the spirits of disease and death. There is a maze of stone tunnels inside the cave and archeologist believe this to be a major find. The tunnels are underwater. There are the ruins of 11 temples and of acient human bones, believed to be sacrafices. These are linked by underground roads. Two of the temples are very eloborate and archeologists believe it can teach them about the Mayan culture.

How do cave divers avoid getting lost....
Training. Cave divers train before going underwater into real caves. They do diving exercises to practice.
Guide Line. They bring a heavy duty large, thick wire coil and they hold onto it at all times. If anything happens they pull on the coil and they're partners pull them up.
Depth Rules. They set an air limit time and they only go so deep so that if they run out of air or are dangerously low, they have time to swim up if they hold they're breath.

I think a cave diver has to be brave and dadventurous to be able to dive as deep in the water without being afraid. Or they might be very good at controlling and facing their fear. They must also be very trusting to be able to trust their partners with their life.

Bluebell said...


The location of this W.I.T.W. is Sahcaba, Mexico near the Yucatan Peninsula. (My dad told me that!)

Cave divers avoid getting lost by always bringing a flashlight with them because it it vary dark in the under water caves. Also, another dive team will set up signs telling divers where to go to come up for air (it you can), how to go deeper into the caves, where to see artifacts and also where the exit is.

I think that a good cave diver would have to be smart (you have to gage your air), brave (it's dark in those caves!) and social (you may be diving with a partner!).

By Amy Osorno ;D

Bluebell said...

This W.I.T.W. is perfect for me! (My culture is Mayan!!!!)

Michael B said...

Michael B


this weeks WITW was an underwater cave that is located in Sahcaba, Mexico. This underwater cave was believed to be a portal to the underworld by the myans, the underworld was said to be ruled by the deceased and dead. To aviod getting lost in the caves, each crew member will where a rope around somewhere on there suits, sometimes however the leader will just where two. the ropes are watched by spotters and are tied to strong places like trees or artifficially placed pegs. If i were a trainer or instructor in cave diving i would expect my students or pupils to be brave, adventerous, independant, cooprative and couragous.

Ingrid said...

What a great where in the world. This where in the world is located in Sachcaba, Mexico. The latitude is 20 degrees, 39.1 minutes North and the longitude 88 degrees, 20.6 minutes West. The Mayans believed that these underwater caves was a portal to the underworld and was also believed to be ruled by the spirits of death and disease. At this site, there are the ruins of 11 temples. There are many chamber that are connected by a 100 meter underground road. Archeologists have found many bones that are believed to be the bones of sacrifices.

How do divers avoid getting lost?

Cave divers always carry redundant equipment, this means for every piece of equipment, a cave diver will carry an extra. This is to make sure that if a piece of equipment stops working, there is another one to replace it.
There is no light or visibility in caves so divers must use their own light. Most caves have what are called gold lines in them from other diver, gold lines are yellow and a little smaller than normal ropes. Gold lines are placed in main tunnels and smaller side tunnels are provided with smaller white lines that usually end within 5 to 10 feet from the gold line. The cave diver must still run a line from the outside just so they know exactly where an exit is. They must tie it to something sturdy like a big rock of tree, a second line must be carried with the diver in case something happens to the first one. Dorf markers, or small, plastic directional arrows, can be tied to lines. These will point to the exit. Divers generally use what's called the "rule of thirds" -- when one third of a diver's air supply is gone, he will stop the dive and begin moving toward the cave's entrance. Divers must be courageous, independent, adventurous, brave, clever and to remain calm in a situation.

Anonymous said...


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